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About Us


Welcome to Pavada Sri Basavanna Devara Mutt

Veerashaiva mutts are the ‘Working Ants’ who are striving hard for the betterment and welfare of the society, with full of humanism and compassion. Pavada Sri Basavanna Devara Mutt was founded by his holiness Sri Sri Shivayogi Basavanna Devaru in the 16th Century and was the fore most in the history of the mutt. Lot of Miracles were witnessed in the mutt by Swamiji: – here is one such miracle

Once a boy accidently fell in to the kalyani and lost his life. Swamiji using his power and holiness restored his life, by calling out his name and the boy came out of kalyani. Henceforth mutt was popularly known as PAVADA (Miracle) Sri Basavanna Devara Mutt.

Sri Sri Sadashiva Swamiji (1933–2002)

Became the matadhipathi on 29-09-1971.

Became the matadhipathi on 29-09-1971. He was the founder president of Sri Basaveshwara Education Society. His Holiness gave a look and shape to the mutt by starting Pattashala (Sanskrit) Pre-primary, Primary, and High schools to impart sound and good education, thinking that ‘one can stop opening of jails tomorrow if started a good school today’ Self effort, and ‘Bee hive activity’ of him made mutt to reach maximum level of development and the work remained ever green in the hearts of thousands in the locality.

Assumed the charge of Mathadipathi on 11-08-2002.

Sri Sri Siddalinga Swamiji

Sri Sri Siddalinga swamiji is the existing president of mutt and Sri Basaveshwara Education society. Assumed the charge of Mathadipathi on 11-08-2002. His Holiness is A PIVOT upon which the entire MISSION of mutt and Basaveshwara group of educational institutions, from infants to adults, satisfying their needs by extending, upgrading and starting new schools and Colleges for various levels for all sects and creeds in the locality.

4000 +

Satisfied Students

200 +

Qualified Teachers

20 +

Honor & Awards Win

Sri Sri Siddalinga Swamiji

Was delegated as Mathadipathi
from 11-08-2002.