• Pavadasri Basavanna Devara Mutt, Nelamangala, Bengaluru




Neela H.S.

Since its genesis with the blessings of his holiness Shri Shri Sadashiva swamiji and with the guidance of Shri Shri Siddalinga swamiji. The college devoted to serve the cause of women education. The college presents a happy blend of traditional and contemporary education to empower the women. The knowledge is imparted to the students to occupy a better place in the competitive world. Our college helps to develop all round personality by retaining the beauty of mind, intellect and soul as well.

Our college has made its mark in academics, sports and cultural field. The college has been elevated to the extent of catering the needs of the students with the support of management, dedicated faculty and non-teaching personnel.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our Basaveshwara Education Society for its whole hearted support in making pre-university easily accessible to the students from all social and economic background.

It is proud to acknowledge that over a period of decade 1000 students are pursuing diverse courses in our college. The college made its mark on academic sports and culture as well. The college has been elevated with the contribution of management, qualified, dynamic faculty and non-teaching staff. We have to continue to move ahead for producing and maintaining the best.