• Pavadasri Basavanna Devara Mutt, Nelamangala, Bengaluru



Learn through play

We start our nursery Accelerated Levels 1-4 with the simplest ideas, such as shapes, sounds, and textures.

Toys and Games

Children learn through play, so you want to pick toys that expose them to new experiences, concepts, and ideas.

Love and Care

With a giggle of delight, your child will enter the first stage of their cognitive education amongst other toddlers.

Education Services

There are 12 sides to this international preschool curriculum. Each of them nurtures a piece of your little one’s personality, as well as their academic and motor skills.

Child Care

Childcare simply refers to any place where a child is cared for. This can mean a number of different things. It may, for instance just involve one-on-one homecare provided by a parent, nanny, or someone else.

Physical Activity

Engaging in regular physical activity is especially important for young children. It builds strength and develops healthy bodies and can even enhance academic performance.