• Pavadasri Basavanna Devara Mutt, Nelamangala, Bengaluru

About Us

About Us


Basaweshwara English Primary & High School

Happy and with a sense of pride I deem it a privilege with open arms to goddess Sharada Sadana of Sri Basaveshwara English High School.

Education is no longer confined to rupees, but includes the development of whole some personality of the child which is an inspiring and heart attracting invisible fragrance of a lily. Education to be REAL, It should touch the child from all angles with a vision and not merely by putting in and in but by dragging out and out the hidden talents of the child. Such dragged talents to be allowed to reach its maximum maturity to yield fruitful results, is the duty of the teaching fraternity and educational institutions – I feel.

Assumed the charge of Mathadipathi on 11-08-2002.

Sri Sri Siddalinga Swamiji

Sri Sri Siddalinga swamiji is the existing president of mutt and Sri Basaveshwara Education society. Assumed the charge of Mathadipathi on 11-08-2002. His Holiness is A PIVOT upon which the entire MISSION of mutt and Basaveshwara group of educational institutions, from infants to adults, satisfying their needs by extending, upgrading and starting new schools and Colleges for various levels for all sects and creeds in the locality.

4000 +

Satisfied Students

200 +

Qualified Teachers

20 +

Honor & Awards Win

Sri Sri Siddalinga Swamiji

Was delegated as Mathadipathi
from 11-08-2002.